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There I was, aboard a bus full of tourists, heading to Nyeri town to see the country's pride-Mount Kenya. I was the only local in the bus and thus the reference point for the tourists to direct all their questions. The Mexican and the Americans were particularly inquisitive. Had I been to Mount Kenya before, they asked? Why not yet I was married to a girl from Central Kenya? Are people in Central Kenya friendly? Would we see some Lions? What was Mount Kenya like? Is it true that it has snow on its caps? I answered these questions with remarkable nonchalance as if to brag that this beautiful country was just another usual day in my life. Little did I know that my bravado would dissolve in the breathtaking view of what I was going to see in a few minutes.

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Photographers & landscape lovers find the scenery in Aberdares to be unsurpassable. The mountain ranges of Aberdares have peaks that soar to almost 13,000 ft, then plunge down to v-shaped ravines with streams and rivers, cascading waterfalls and a wide variety of flora & fauna - it's a place of unspoken beauty.

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