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The weather in Nairobi is generally cool. The days are not too hot and the nights are not too cold. Some say that Nairobi has the perfect weather in the world. However, it gets cold in June and July- though nothing compared to any snowy winter. It rains heavily from March to May. The rest of the year is pretty warm. Some days in September and end of year get really hot, however. Swimming is a popular activity in the city of Nairobi especially on weekend afternoons. You can locate several public swimming pools at an affordable fee. However, if you are thinking of relaxing in a heated pool, there are specific locations that offer that.

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Ole-Sereni Hotel

Ole-Sereni's slogan boasts of their proximity to the African wild. "The City Hotel by the Game Park" is their catch phrase and it lives up to its truth. The hotel is 15 minutes away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by car. Visitors staying at this magnificent hotel wake up to see zebras, ostriches, gazelles and giraffes grazing outside their bedroom windows.

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Nairobi - Kenya's capital - has become one of Africa's largest, and most interesting cities. A frontier town no more, Nairobi has ascended in the last century from a barely inhabited swampland to a thriving modern city with boundless energy that never seems to sleep.

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